Congratulator Sara Spangenmacher – Germany

Hello Stephen King

A Happy 70th Birthday!

I wish you an awesome day, with good luck on your way, stay blessed and happy this day. May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come and may this year bring you prosperity, fortune and friendship .Thank you so much for inspiring my parents to name me Sara. You are probably the best author in the world. Some agree and some don’t, but I think the majority would agree.

best wishes
Sara (15)

PS: Please give Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, an extra goody.

PPS: Thanks for signing the Book Sara for me at Munich even though i was to young to personally go there.

 If you find typos you can keep them (Finders Keepers)

Congratulator Sandy Kröhnert – Germany

Hello birthday child,

today is your big day and there are so many people around the world with you.
You have touched, escorted and expanded so many people.

In my youth, you also accompanied me to every place. Whether I painted the walls in the city with my friends, or we danced at the Love Parade in Berlin, you were always there!

Now I’m 40 and you’re 70 and you’re still with me. Your stories give me hope that in my world is not everything so bad that there is still love and much more.

All the best for your birthday and we want to give you our gifts just as richly as you do to us.

Sorry for the expression, but I can not speak english.
nevertheless, I would like to write to you and congratulate you. Press and hug.

Stay with us for a long time! maybe you will visit us again in germany?

We would be very pleased.

Congratulator Kim D. B. – Germany

Happy happy birthday dear Stephen!
Most people say,  the devil never dies, but you show us that even the good guys can stay young in the heart forever.
I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends! Sun is shining here in Germany for this special day.
Please never lose the fun to write, your kindness, the humor and your interest in politics. It’s just awesome!
Best wishes and a lot of gratulations
Kim (from her balcony. It looks like in jail, but the net is for the cats :D)

Congratulator Jörg – Germany

Congratulations on your birthday,

you are my idol and the greatest writer for 41 years. You allow me to look into worlds with your wonderful books, which can not be more frightening, creepier, more terrifying, but also more fascinating. May the power be long, long with you. I am still waiting for your new book every year with tingling and expectant unrest.

With the best wishes, yours, Jörg

Congratulator Stephanie S. – France

Mr King,

I wish you one very happy birthday, from the bottom of the heart. That this day is the richest, full of enjoyment and love for you.

I discovered to you to the adolescence, to the period when to read your novels were not in courses of study.
I grew with this passion, and maintaining myself professor, I transmit him it to my pupils.
My dream became a reality during your coming in France: not only to see you, but especially you listen to. Of it I would never tell you rather thank you.

Another enormous thank you for all these dreams-nightmares, this mutual loyalty and this love of your work.

21, I would raise my glass of French wine in your honor and your anniversary.

Stephanie S .


Congratulator Taqiya B. – France

Dear Uncle Stevie,
I wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday filled with laughters, love and gifts without too much scare for this special day!!!
Thank you so much for what you do and what you are.
Quite rare to cross the way of such a talented artist and beautiful human being as well…
On a selfish point, I could never thank you enough for your coming to Paris.
That was such an amazing week!
Thank you for the autographs, your wonderful smiles, the kiss on the hand (How happy I was!!), your kindness and the marvelous time we all shared at The Grand Rex..
Thank you for being in my life and enrich it thanks to your stories, your writing and to the many characters that are now part of my family..
Much Love and Respect Sir,
Be Blessed Sai King.
One your countless constant readers.

Congratulator Ilona – Germany

Dear Steve (I hope it’s okay if I say Steve, but I dont feel like I’m writing to a world-famous author rather than a friend or father), today I am almost 30 years old, so I say my lesson and i‘m truly:
– with 9 years I learned that children can die (cujo)
– True friendship is rare and precious as a special rose (It, Duddits, DT, The long walk)

– love and madness are close together and sometimes it is only a fine line – the art is to stay on the right side (she)
– Things are rarely either black or white – every decision contributes to making it white, every moment (The Stand, Shining & Dr. Sleep, Rage, DT)

– The real evil disguises itself really well (It, Needful Things, The Stand, Apt pupil)
– If you want something really and truly, it is worth fighting for, maybe its even worth diying for (DT)

I thank you more than you can guess, because your stories have shaped me and taught me wisdom and thereby made me the Woman I am today.

By the way, you certainly do not remember our conversation in Hamburg, Germany, but I still believe that you can not be sure that Ben Hanscom has actually killed every single baby from It. You wrote it, but the nice thing about a story is that the author tells her and ends with the last page, but a story lives like people beyond the last page – in our imagination. Imagination is a beautiful thing. The imagination of an individual may seem like a feather in the wind, but it captures others and together they form a swarm and change the world.

Thank you for changing the world. If you like, write on and change more.

Happy Birthday


Congratulator Claudia Zangger – Switzerland

Lieber Herr King

Zu Ihrem Geburtstag wünsche ich Ihnen von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute.Auf das Sie Gesund und Glücklich noch sehr viele Jahre mit Ihren Lieben verbringen können!

Seit ich vor vielen Jahren mein erstes Buch von Ihnen gelesen habe (ich glaube es war ES),

bin ich von Ihrem Schreibstil und Ihren Geschichten immer wieder aufs Neue gefesselt… bei jeder Neuerscheinung kann ich es fast nicht abwarten sie zu lesen.

Jedes Ihrer Bücher habe ich mehrmals gelesen und nie hat eines an Spannung verloren.

Ich wünsche Ihnen und natürlich auch uns Lesern, dass Sie noch sehr lange aufregende, spannende und erschreckende Ideen haben und uns immer wieder in neue Geschichten entführen.

Herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz
Claudia Zangger

Congratulator Daniel Wendorf – Germany

Dear Mr. King,
I wish you all the best for your 70th anniversary!
Thanks a lot for so many nice times, even if they were scary.
Hope you will stay healthy (physically and mentally) to write a lot more of books or short stories.
Wish you all the best.
Kind regards,
Daniel Wendorf – Kettwig (Germany)

Congratulator Anja W. – Germany

Dear Stephen King,

my family and I wish you all the best for your 70th Birthday, a lot of health and that all your wishes come true.

Your stories make my life precious. I love to come home in the evening and dive into other worlds. Because there are other worlds than these 😜

I actually read the Dark Tower and I’m soooo excited for IT in the cinema!!! So have a nice Birthday with your family and friends. Hope to see you soon in germany again 😀😀😀

See you later alligator, after a while crocodile, don’t forget to write….

Your faithfully Fan Anja W. 🤗

Congratulator Winfried Lahs – Germany

Dear Mr. King!

I wish you all the best for your 70th birthday!

I hope you stay still physically and spiritually as fit as before, so that you can continue to scare your readers so much since their first books many years before.

Your work goes with me almost my entire life, and started with the movie „Christine“ in 1983. Here began a new chapter in my life – because there exists a novel to that movie – and after i read this by a writer from Maine, it was hooked immediately.

You have made start an eleven-year-old boy to read novels (which had previously only looked at the photos in books) and since then you have accompanied me as an author through many beautiful reading years – to this day – you have frightened me and left me also sometimes sadly.

Again and again you have taken the constant reader’s hands and took us through the wildest rides thru all genres.

I thank you for all those hours of joy during reading your work from the bottom of my heart!

Maybe one day, as the highlight of my collection, i can put a signed copy of my favorite author into my bookshelf!

I hope you can spend a wonderful day with your whole family and friends and take us back to distant worlds as soon as possible!

Best wishes from bavaria/germany!

Winfried Lahs

Congratulator Nathalie Claassen – Netherlands

Dear Mr. King,

First of all: Happy Birthday! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and enjoy knowing people all over the globe are celebrating the master of horror’s birthday.

I want to thank you for writing all your amazing books. I was eleven (almost 24 years ago) when I read my first King-book and, believe it or not, it was It. It took me almost 14 days to read it and I couldn’t sleep for weeks after I finished it. It has been my favorite book ever since, because there hasn’t been another book that scared me as much as It did.

Since I read It, I started reading all of your other books as well, and I’m really looking forward to Sleeping Beauties. Your books helped me through some of my darkest times, when fear was the only emotion that I was able to feel because all the other emotions had gone numb. From the bottom of my heart: thank you.

I hope you still have lots of years to come in which you can scare your fans even more.

Kind regards,
Nathalie Claassen – The Netherlands

Congratulator Dorian Festa – Germany

Dear Mr. King,
I’m a bit late – not for your 70. birthday but to your world.

I’m busy reading ALL of your Books and I’m currently reading Nightshift and love it.

So I don’t have time for much more words cause I’m reading millions of your words now.

Happy Birthday and thank you for everything!

Dorian Festa

Congratulator Hans Wilhelm von Wirth – Germany

Dear Stephen King,

It is very impressive. 7 decades, and 40 of those you’re in the literature business. I have discovered your books when I was 15, and that is also 20 years ago now. Time is a funny thing, and a few things happened to both of us that were rather unfortunate to put it mildly. The time I spent reading your stories was one of the best in my life so far.
Let us hope we both stay healthy enough to enjoy each others company, and if I’m lucky, you’ll visit Germany again so that I get to meet you. The very best wishes from „Roland of Gilead“ from the German fanpage board,
yours sincerely
Hans Wilhelm von Wirth

Congratulator Thomas Caillaud – France

Bonne anniversaire Mr. King,

j’aime beaucoup vos histoires particulièrement : Le Corp et Ca,  les personnages me ressemble notamment et j’adore l’histoire et les scènes cultes ! Vous m’inspirer beaucoup, je vais relire Ecriture Mémoires d’un Métier, car j’aimerais écrire aussi des histoires ! Merci beaucoup grâce à vous ma vie est plus intéressante 😊

Congratulator Rudy Besson – France

Dear Mr. King,
I hope you are both well.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for your stories, your characters, the pleasure you give me when I open your books.
I have been reading you for about 20 years, and after all these years, I still love your stories.
You remain my favorite author.
Please continue writing.

Sincerely yours,


Congratulator Markus Polzer – Austria

Hello Mr. King,

wish you all the best for your 70th birthday!

Want to say thank you for all your books, joy and inspiration since my youth – i started reading your books in my teenager-years at high school and now with stoneold 44 years many things have changed in my life – but i still love your books and it is allways a pleasure when you publish a new one!

Thanks for your entertainment, keep an eye on the crazy politics in the united states and of course keep writing old master! There must still be so much to say… Let it out…!

And please, make the Dark Tower finaly a serie like Game of Thrones is!


All the best from Vienna / Austria,
your loyal fellow,

Congratulator Iver Niklas Schwarz – Germany

Dear Mr. King,

I read „IT“ when I was eleven years old. Twentyfour years later I became a published author. Your work has always been highly inspiring to me and from day one of my writting-career there has been a copy of „On writting“ on my desk. You brought a whole generation not only to reading, but to writting. You canot image, how greatful this generation is for your work.
Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Iver Niklas Schwarz

Congratulator Jeremy Guerineau- France

Hello Stephen,

I simply would like to wish you an happy birthday, and thanking you for all the joy that your books have brought me since I started reading them about 20 years ago or so.
I grew up with your books, and they actually helped me getting where I am in my life, including my professional career in webmarketing. As a matter of fact, I started managing message boards and then Club Stephen King website and online community, which led me to getting my jobs !
This also led me to finally meet you at every public event that the french publisher held with you when you were visiting Paris, back into 2013, which was a surreal experience.

So once again, thank you very much for your books! I grew up with them, and I probably wouldnt be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for your work.


Long days and pleasant nights

Jeremy / Club Stephen King


Congratulator Jefferson Francq – France

Le 21 septembre on va fêter l’anniversaire du roi, le papa de toute nos peur!

Avant mes 15 ans (j’en ai 23), la lecture pour moi s’arrêtait à quelques lignes d’un article de journal. Puis un jour je découvre duma Key et la mon goût pour la lecture fait un boom, je le dévore avec une passion incroyable. À partir de ce moment, le grand Stephen king est devenu une passion. À chaque fois que je lis un king j’ouvre une porte et je rentre dans son Monde. je découvre les années 60 avec Jake epping, je passe des vacances tourmenté avec le loser’s club, j’ai passé une retraite anticipée sur une île à Miami à peindre des tableaux prémonitoire, j’ai découvert le boogeyman et j’en passe… Stephen king ma fait aimer la lecture !

Alors bonne anniversaire au grand Stephen king, le maître, l’écrivain du siècle !


Congratulator Alicia Ducoli – France

Je souhaite remercier le maître de l horreur pour tout ce qu il m apporte. Quand je suis triste je le lis, et il me remonte aussitôt le moral. Sans lui une partie de moi serais vide. Merci pour tout Monsieur King.
Une grande fan  élue „experte de King“ sur mon groupe de lecture 🙂