Congratulator Sandy Kröhnert – Germany

Hello birthday child,

today is your big day and there are so many people around the world with you.
You have touched, escorted and expanded so many people.

In my youth, you also accompanied me to every place. Whether I painted the walls in the city with my friends, or we danced at the Love Parade in Berlin, you were always there!

Now I’m 40 and you’re 70 and you’re still with me. Your stories give me hope that in my world is not everything so bad that there is still love and much more.

All the best for your birthday and we want to give you our gifts just as richly as you do to us.

Sorry for the expression, but I can not speak english.
nevertheless, I would like to write to you and congratulate you. Press and hug.

Stay with us for a long time! maybe you will visit us again in germany?

We would be very pleased.