Congratulator Winfried Lahs – Germany

Dear Mr. King!

I wish you all the best for your 70th birthday!

I hope you stay still physically and spiritually as fit as before, so that you can continue to scare your readers so much since their first books many years before.

Your work goes with me almost my entire life, and started with the movie „Christine“ in 1983. Here began a new chapter in my life – because there exists a novel to that movie – and after i read this by a writer from Maine, it was hooked immediately.

You have made start an eleven-year-old boy to read novels (which had previously only looked at the photos in books) and since then you have accompanied me as an author through many beautiful reading years – to this day – you have frightened me and left me also sometimes sadly.

Again and again you have taken the constant reader’s hands and took us through the wildest rides thru all genres.

I thank you for all those hours of joy during reading your work from the bottom of my heart!

Maybe one day, as the highlight of my collection, i can put a signed copy of my favorite author into my bookshelf!

I hope you can spend a wonderful day with your whole family and friends and take us back to distant worlds as soon as possible!

Best wishes from bavaria/germany!

Winfried Lahs