Congratulator Taqiya B. – France

Dear Uncle Stevie,
I wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday filled with laughters, love and gifts without too much scare for this special day!!!
Thank you so much for what you do and what you are.
Quite rare to cross the way of such a talented artist and beautiful human being as well…
On a selfish point, I could never thank you enough for your coming to Paris.
That was such an amazing week!
Thank you for the autographs, your wonderful smiles, the kiss on the hand (How happy I was!!), your kindness and the marvelous time we all shared at The Grand Rex..
Thank you for being in my life and enrich it thanks to your stories, your writing and to the many characters that are now part of my family..
Much Love and Respect Sir,
Be Blessed Sai King.
One your countless constant readers.