Congratulator Ilona – Germany

Dear Steve (I hope it’s okay if I say Steve, but I dont feel like I’m writing to a world-famous author rather than a friend or father), today I am almost 30 years old, so I say my lesson and i‘m truly:
– with 9 years I learned that children can die (cujo)
– True friendship is rare and precious as a special rose (It, Duddits, DT, The long walk)

– love and madness are close together and sometimes it is only a fine line – the art is to stay on the right side (she)
– Things are rarely either black or white – every decision contributes to making it white, every moment (The Stand, Shining & Dr. Sleep, Rage, DT)

– The real evil disguises itself really well (It, Needful Things, The Stand, Apt pupil)
– If you want something really and truly, it is worth fighting for, maybe its even worth diying for (DT)

I thank you more than you can guess, because your stories have shaped me and taught me wisdom and thereby made me the Woman I am today.

By the way, you certainly do not remember our conversation in Hamburg, Germany, but I still believe that you can not be sure that Ben Hanscom has actually killed every single baby from It. You wrote it, but the nice thing about a story is that the author tells her and ends with the last page, but a story lives like people beyond the last page – in our imagination. Imagination is a beautiful thing. The imagination of an individual may seem like a feather in the wind, but it captures others and together they form a swarm and change the world.

Thank you for changing the world. If you like, write on and change more.

Happy Birthday